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Customer onboarding is a bank’s first impression. 

Win your customers’ heart with Covalent’s e-KYC technology that delivers an experience designed for speed, security, and satisfaction.


Optimized at every stage.
Customized for every purpose.
The e-KYC suite is a complete one-stop solution with OCR options, Video KYC, ID Card Check, and Liveness Check all arranged in a seamless manner to help you.
In a world that is always racing, every second saved brings you an inch closer to a win.
Covalent’s e-KYC makes you win.



All products were first certified from i-Beta and NIST.

Then they were validated by the tens of thousands of customers across 22 banks.

Built for the Real-World. 

Validated in the Real-World.

Helping All Companies Grow.