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What Do We Do?

We deploy the simplest-to-use card manager for All range of companies. We call it Taabiir.

Taabiir platform enables any player in the Fintech And digital banking space to start issuing Virtual,Debit, Closed-Loop, Prepaid and Charge Cards to Its customers instantly without friction.

The platform is suited to enable corporates, Closed-loop environments, retailers, and non-Banking entities to creatively configure their Card products to match their set of needs.

Your business needs could be hundreds, and Taabiir is a one stop answer everything.

How do we do it?

Amplification of modern-day no-code principles, Simplification of technology.

Highest degree of simplification and top level Bells-and-whistles produce taabiir’s drag-and-Drop functionality for instant card issuance.

End-to-end card manager allows for Easy Creation and Powerful Configuration.
15 plus transaction sets – 6 vast configurationAreas packaged – 7 payment schemes supported –

10 distinct card types established – 4 portals for

Stakeholder category management – 3D Secure Integration. Unlimited Possibilities.

Why Do We Do It?

Businesses that build card products, do it to Simplify payments for everyday people.

We realized someone had to make the realm of Card issuance technology easy for them.

From the technology stack we deploy for our Clients, to the commercial flexibility we offer –

Everything is a result of our client-centered Imagination.

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